sixData GmbH


a company with perspective


sixData GmbH is an IT and service provider operating both nationally and internationally. As a limited company, it has specialised in the development of management-information systems for street lighting.


2002 sixData GmbH established

2004 luxData for the documentation of street and outdoor lighting completed

2005 Introduction of luxData.vz for traffic signs, sixData branch opened in Greece

2006 luxData becomes the market leader in the street- and outdoor-lighting sector

2010 Launch of stoerung24 - Portal for fault reporting

2013 Launch of stoerung24 app

2015 Pilot project of luxData.control in Rotterdam, Netherlands

2016 Pilot project of luxData.control in Offenbach, Germany


Today, sixData GmbH operates with a workforce of 19 employees. This includes 11 developers who continuously update and further develop our products. sixData GmbH supports and accompanies its customers in the implementation and introduction of modern street-lighting management, which has become increasingly complex and important in regard to the commercial and technical challenges that it presents.

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