new sixData clients


ewz – power plant of Zürichlogo_ewz

The power plant of Zürich uses for the management of their street lighting luxData.licht.
Otherwise they will use more of our luxData-extensions.



City Spockhövellogo_sprockhoevel

The city Sprockhövel uses our luxData.licht for their ca. 3,000 lighting points. Otherwise they
will get our luxData.mobileApp and some things of stoerung24.



BKW Energie AGlogo_BKW

BKW Energie AG from Switzerland uses our luxData.licht, luxData.web and luxData.mobileApp
for maintenance jobs.



Psychiatrisches Zentrum Nordbaden – Wieslochlogo_Psychatrisches Zentrum

They use our software luxData.licht for the management of their lights.




Stadtwerke Güstrowlogo_SW Güstrow

The Stadtwerke Güstrow will use our luxData.licht for the management of their street lighting.
Round about they need to manage 4,000 lighting points. Furthermore they will use luxData.desktop.



SH Power – Switzerlandlogo_SH Power_Schaffhausen

SH Power from Switzerland wii use our luxData.licht for their ca. 6,000 lighting points.
Furthermore thei will geht luxData.web and luxData.mobileWeb to optimize processes.



City Kaarstlogo_stadt_kaarst

The city Kaarst uses luxData.licht for their ca. 7,000 lighting points.




City Augsburglogo_stadt_augsburg

The city Augsburg uses our management-information system luxData.lsa for their traffic signal.




Stadtwerke Service Meerbusch Willich GmbH & Co. KG logo_SW Willich

They use the iFrame of stoerung24 for the city Willich.